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Winter Services

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It can be a really great experience watching the snow fall, however, for those people who reside in areas that get the heavy lake-effect snowfall, it can become a huge problem. Each winter, in the Cleveland and Akron area, more and more people face serious issues getting back and forth from one place to another due to snow blocked roads and driveways clouding up their pathways. To ensure you get can get where you need to go, you need to call upon the assistance of snowfall removal professionals Tucker Landscaping to help you through these types of issues. In addition to their expertise, capabilities, and high quality professionalism, they also manage each project with ease due to strengths like talented workmen, proper equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and expert technique.

Tucker Landscaping has been a forerunner in ice management and snow removal in the Cleveland and Akron area since 1997. Not only do we provide around the clock service and high quality equipment, we also have a wide range of diverse clients who benefit from our snow removal services from commercial businesses parking lot plowing to residential driveway snow removal who know they can depend on us for their winter service needs. Our approach has always been about safety and timeliness. Some of the winter services we, here at Tucker Landscaping, provide are snow removal, snow fence installation, snow relocation, ice management, dormant pruning and burlap wrapping. Call on us today and discover what we can do for you and your winter service needs.

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Below you will find our winter services from November into March.

  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Management
  • Snow Relocating
  • Snow Fence Installation
  • Burlap wrapping
  • Dormant Pruning

Snow Removal: Snow Removal is part of our overall winter service program. We provide consistent and dependable residential and commercial services. Having a fully dedicated team provides us the ability to act quickly in winter weather. Empowering them with decision making, the right tools and equipment, and safety training build a mutually rewarding relationship for both our team and you, the client. As always, your personal safety and the safety of others has been the Tucker approach for over 15 years.

Ice Management: You need to provide a consistently safe surface for your family, your clients, employees and the public. Reducing the snow and ice accumulation on your walkways and parking lots is our main priority. Preparation and Prevention are key to ice management. Using the latest technology and modern equipment, we implement a safe action plan to control your snow and ice accumulation. Not performing or under performing is not an option. Tucker Landscape prides itself on their level of concern for your personal safety and the safety of others.

Snow Relocating: As the Cleveland area weather brings us huge amounts of snow, we need to consider how to safely and properly dispose of this. Not only is necessary to clear away ice and snow from a safety standpoint, we need to consider what happens when the snow and ice melt. Avoiding flooding and an excess build-up of standing water, either at home or out in public sector, always becomes a concern of any Snow Relocation service. Tucker Landscaping always has the now and the later, the cause and effect ratio in mind as they expedite snow removal services in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Snow Fence installation: Maintaining the volume of snow that we see in North-East Ohio, has proven a challenge for those to battle on their own. With a little planning and investment, a Snow Fence, can control the build-up of snow banked in unwanted areas. By controlling the wind, you can control where the snow bank will build up. Proper installation is vital in order to control the safety of walkways, driveway, street and parking lots. Proper installation for your tender landscaping will protect your landscape investment and design.

Burlap wrapping: An obvious threat to your tender landscaping comes from Cleveland area winter weather. Heavy snow, ice, wind and frigid temperatures. The simplest shelter is a thorough wrap of course burlap. Burlap can also be used in the form of a fence or screen. Setting up your Burlap protective wrapping should take place shortly after all the leaves have fallen but before the harsh winter weather sets in. Having seen many of our Cleveland winter come and go, Tucker Landscaping has a feel for the just right time to provide burlap wrapping and unwrapping services to your landscape investment.

Dormant Pruning: Dormant pruning can improve your tree and shrubs structure and shape, for a healthier and more attractive growth pattern. The absence of leaves allows the branching patterns of trees and shrubs to be easily seen. A closer inspection of the skeleton, so to speak, of a tree or shrub can often reveal any maintenance issues that might have otherwise gone noticed due to the cover of foliage. Winter Pruning helps with disease and pest control as most pest are attracted to the “wound sites”, ready to pass on the any fungus or disease that they might be carrying. As most pests also lay dormant in the winter months, their absence allows for the "wound site" to heal without any pest intrusion.

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